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We are always looking for great people, breweries, and companies to join our event. There are a number of different options open to each level of interest. Please review the following information and select the option that best defines you below. Thank you for your interest.

Availability Options:


Would you like to cross-promote your brand/company at the 2016 Brewgrass Festival? Not only are we one of Asheville's largest beer festivals of the year, we also have a large digital family shares our interest in everything craft brew related. Is this for you?

Please contact our sponsorship team for more information - Sponsorships.


This event is open to all breweries. There is a limited amount of space available within the site, and breweries are subject to approval for participation. We strongly encourage all breweries to submit their application as soon as possible to ensure the best chance of participation. 


  • NC-based Brewery - Must have a Malt Beverage Special Events Permit.
  • Out Of State Brewery - Must have a Malt Beverage Special Event Permit - AND - Non-Resident Malt BEverage Vendor Representative Permit. 
  • Participating breweries without this necessary paperwork by the September 1st will not be allowed to attend Brewgrass Festival.

Please contact our brewery team for more information - Brewery Application.

*Sold Out

Would you like to promote and/or sell your product or service at Brewgrass Festival? We have a very limited amount of space available within the site, but we would love to see what we can do together. 

 Please contact our vending team for more information - VENDING.


If you or your group/organization is interested in volunteering at Brewgrass Festival, please fill out the form below. We work with a number of local groups to put forth the best event possible. 

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